Got a call from my mobile phone provider today. They’re changing my plan since I don’t make many phone calls. $59 cap instead of $75, with $200 worth of everything except international calls (and maybe wireless stuff?) included… Or something. Whatever.

Anyway, they’re also giving me a new phone! That means I’m on another 2 year contract, but who cares?

Currently, I have a Nokia 3530, which is rather ugly and a little clunky. It also fails to have much memory on it or any particularly useful features. The new one is the Nokia 5140, for the “outdoorsiness” in me. It has a compass! That’s cool enough for me. I think Frank has that phone, actually. It’s about a year or so old… Maybe more. Meh. I don’t care.

Hmm. It seems to have a radio (!!!! thank christ), torch and thermometer, too. This is like the extension to my long-gone school blazer “survival kit” that I’ve been wanting. Ha! Finally it pays to have answered the phone for once.


5 thoughts on “Nokia.

  1. hey babe, did you get the red one?
    i wanna new phone.

    there were teddy’s all around zurich (you know like those cows, with different artists who painted the and stuff). anyhow, there was a spiderman one, hjehe, got a photo of it (with me hugging it), try and upload it when we find a computer that allows us to :)

    love youuuu

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