It’s the chipset fan, I discovered. I didn’t even know I had one. What a great IT student I am!

I took my PC apart and decided to give it a dust. I almost died from lack of oxygen. Christ. I’m glad I took it outside before I took a paintbrush to it.

So, once I found out it was a dodgy fan I spent a while trying to work out what my mobo model was since I’d already put everything back together and couldn’t be fucked taking it apart again… I had to anyway in the end.

Armed with a model number, I researched different chipset heatsinks and fans, only to find that practically none of them support the metal spring clips that my board uses. Good times. I can’t really be fucked buying a heatsink and glue then sticking them on either, since it’ll cost about $60 or more, probably.

Then, I found out that apparently it doesn’t really need a fan anyway. That’s from random Internet quotes and discussions at least. The fans they use on ABIT boards are meant to be quite dodgy and unless you’re overclocking it probably wont overheat. I’ll check the temperature though when I gather up the energy to take the fan off.

I’d really love a CRT for this PC, just because the fucking LCD monitor doesn’t display DOS at all. I have a black screen regardless of the state of my PC until Windows loads up. >_<

Meanwhile: I’m getting Naruto episodes 127 & 128 combined at 126kb/s. :D



omg! Some prick has dubbed BOTH episodes as some bad pre-April Fools joke. It sounds pretty funny, and it’s a lot of work, but man… All that excitement! Ah well, guess the joke worked. Hope the real one comes out tomorrow. >_<


8 thoughts on “Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  1. Ahh I envy the joys of adsl/cable connection…here I am stuck on a dial up speed of 31.2kb/s *sigh* Stupid ozemail going down the drain! Sucks about your episode though! I don’t even attempt to download a song haha!

  2. 31.2kb/s isn’t too bad… It’s not too good, but it’s not too bad.

    At least you can open up sites within a few minutes. ;)

    I got the real episode later, good times. The dub is quite funny, Kung Pow style. If you haven’t seen it you probably wont have any idea what I’m talking about. Goodie.

  3. I’m running at 44kb/s today – oh the joys! Yeah its not TERRIBLE but still its rather annoying! Its not so much the speed that bothers me its the constant disconnections from ozemail…because its going down the drain!!!

    Lol I really dont have much of an idea what you’re talking about but I’ll take your word for it!

  4. I once had a three-legged dog called Seamus, who looked just like the dog in your icon. How exciting!

  5. Oh yeah, before I got distracted by the dog, I was going to say all this computer talk is alienating your barely computer literate audience, (i.e. me). Ahhhh…

  6. Yes, sweet, sweet Coke. Now that’s something I can relate to!

    Just don’t go talking about Pepsi because that stuff ain’t cool, man.

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