I think the fan in my PC has crapped itself for the time being. It’s fucking noisy.

At the moment, I’m typing this with a toothbrush in my mouth and Colgate seeping out its corners. I’m about to go to work but I decided to procrastinate. That mentality is basically where I got the idea for the journal title. Then again, who bothers looking at other people’s journals from their actual page? Not I.

KOTOR2 has an unsolvable scripting error that ruins the game, requiring the player to restart if they hope to get past it. After 30+ hours play time I can’t see that happening.

I’ve been playing a bit of the latest Hoyle’s Casino, brushing up on my gambling skills. Maybe when I’ve got some actual money I can pretend I’m a high roller for about 5 blackjack hands, then stumble out in tears.

This toothpaste is fresh. Mmm.

I bought some Mamee noodles today from the supermarket. Exciting times. I haven’t really had them since I ate about 40 of them in one day about 10 years ago. That was at Vinny’s house, with Gary, raging up on NBA Live 95 on his SNES.

Speaking of Vinny, he told me Harris got engaged the other day. I’ll catch up with them some time soon, I said.

P.S. Hi Lloyd and Erica if you both read this. Stalkers.


12 thoughts on “Whirr.

  1. Yo.

    Mum and Dad said that they thought you looked fab the other day. I didn’t realise you’d lost so much weight! You should post to Dietrevolution.
    Anyhoo, well done.

  2. Don’t you hate it when the toothpaste that you’ve left in your mouth for far too long drips down on your shirt, but you don’t realise, so you leave for work looking like a retard who can’t seem to master the simple task of brushing their teeth without getting white crap all over themselves?

    So to uphold your reputation you go to the toilets and try to wash it out, but it just won’t wash out properly. Then you look at your watch and discover that you’re at least fifteen minutes late and now have a big circular wet patch on your shirt, which is by far worse than the toothpaste alone.


    omg lolz headphones work wonders… i can still hear NRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR in the quiet bits of songs though

  4. omg that cat is awesome!

    Yes, I hate it when that happens. Then again, I’m always late for work anyway so I only have to worry about the wet patch.

  5. Less food + more walking doesn’t really need a dietrevolution post… :o

    Yeah, I heard about that. >_>

    Hi. :)

  6. Hey – yes I am quite aware that I am a random that stumbled here by boredom and the fact that its holidays and I really have nothing better to do! And Mamee noodles do = exciting times, I had a craving the other day and just had to buy some, I literally haven’t had them since I was like 10!

  7. Yeah, they’re one of the great nostalgic products.

    That’s ok, I love randoms! I’m going to add you as a friend because you don’t seem to have many yet. Lucky you.

  8. They are indeed! Along with fizzers which I recently re-discovered at the Easter Show…ahh childhood memories!

    Yay for the love of randoms! Yeah I just created this LJ, I have a DJ that I’ve had for a year or so, but figured I’d x-post stuff here too.

  9. Deadjournal…its essentially the same except for the name. It was created by one of the people that worked on LJ…and yeah…thats about it!

    My friend gave me a code for DJ and I just wandered here because well…I’m bored *shrugs*

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