You are Sanguine – The ancient Greeks
believed this was caused by having too much

Strengths: You are enthusiastic, talkative, expressive,
and friendly.
Weaknesses: You can be undisciplined, distractable, and
have a tendency to exaggerate.
At your best: You are an energetic spokesperson.
At your worst: You can be an egotistical entertainer.
You measure your own value by: Applause
For personal growth, you should focus
For others to relate well to you, they
should be:
Others should support your: Ideas
If someone wants you to make a decision,
they should give:

What Ancient Greek Personality Type Are You?
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  1. This is lame. I got the same result and I’m neither friendly nor energetic. I’m going to have to start questioning the legitimacy of these quizzes. I want my mum.

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