Too hot. Tired. Have to go to IGA and shop. Got knocked back from moving to the IT division at work because I couldn’t work full time for the next two years.

That’s probably a good thing though, in the end, partially at least. Why? Because I can still keep my flexible, higher-paying job in data entry, along with having enough “free time” to do tutoring at uni as well. The downside is I miss out on an IT job for my resume. :s

They were only offering $12-13/h or ~$28-30k/year for a graduate position. Pretty shit, especially if I end up getting through honours later on (which will quite probably lead to getting offered better jobs if I do well), so yeah, maybe it’s for the best.

Ah well.

I’m having a fat day. Boo.

Noosa on Sunday. Dentist on Saturday. Both should be an experience. I must remember to floss!


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