Just watched the Breakfast Club with Lou. She hadn’t seen it before and I haven’t watched it in years. It’s so good. :) I was born about 18 years too late, I missed my cultural prime. :(

What else should I mention? Hmm. Looks like Dubya got re-elected. I was expecting it anyway, so I guess I was braced for a bit of disappointment. I hear that Hillary (?Hilary) Clinton is keen on running as the Democrats leader for the new election… Can’t wait to watch that!

Gotta lend one of my textbooks to a guy from uni tomorrow. He wants to photocopy it all so he doesn’t have to buy the book. Hope he gets it back to me swiftly! Otherwise I wont have to feel bad about not studying until the day before the exam. Wee-hoo.

Yesterday I went out to some furniture park near dad’s work in the western suburbs with my parents. Bought some new furniture (el-cheapo to moderately priced) for the flat. Only a few weeks until the big move! :o It should be fun. Hope everything we bought fits in the place and also suits the place. I’m having a minor dilemma in that I can’t find a decent red or maroon-y bedspread anywhere. :(

Mum and dad also said we should be able to pick up a second remote for the garage, so I can more easily attempt to ninja a spot in there (we have a feeling a lot of the spots aren’t being used at all). By the way, tofu/’s the one moving in with me. What an unveiling! He’s getting our assigned car park as he’s most likely to have a new(ish) car by the time we move in.

I worked out I only need to slightly extend my hours at work each week in order to relatively comfortably provide for myself during semester. That means I can probably chuck an extra few shifts in just for “fun” over the holidays and save up a bit more anyway. I’ll see how I go.

My video card is still playing up. Little shit. Purple bars and all. says it’s probably the on-card memory. I don’t know shit about PC hardware in the greater scheme of things so I’ll take his word for it. Tried to talk dad in to getting the guys at PlusCorp to swap it for me… Hopefully he will.

The end.


4 thoughts on “Retro.

  1. You poof, as if you match your decore. You’ve been watching too much Queer Eye again.

    That’s definately a memory problem. The only way you can take a screen shot with the problem visable is if it’s the memory IMHO.


  2. As if not. I play the Sims, remember!

    Yeah, I’ll have to get dad to be my courier because I’m too lazy to go out there on my own. Whee.

    I just realised I was showing channel passwords in that pic. Hope my edit worked. O_o

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