Bought the most bonar Spidey t-shirt today. It’s white with red collars and lining on the sleeves. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Also negotiating with a dude for a mod-chipped X-Box with a 120 gig hard drive in it, amongst other shit. Yay for spending!

Lloyd is a noob btw.

So yeah, went in to town with Lou today and bought my shirt in Utopia. Saw The Girl Next Door. It was ok, for a dumb movie. I was somewhat surprised there weren’t any porn star cameos (that I noticed, at least)… But anyway.

Rounding off day 3 of my latest kick-start diet. Banana smoothies tomorrow! Wooooohoooo!

Played my first game of RtCW in about a year last night. Was mad fun, even though we lost 3-1. Damn skitzy and his bs haxing. :O! Ah well.

It’s cold. Brr.

What an arsehole. The guy I was emailing about the X-Box decided (within an hour of me saying the price he wanted sounded fair) that he didn’t want to sell it any more and would keep it. Fucker.

Now I’ll have to win another auction and maybe score some mod chips as well. Not to mention buying a hard drive eventually. Oh well.