As seen on ‘s journal, but it’s locked so bad luck. Here it is for you unpopular types:

A- Age: –> 21

B – Band listening to right now : –> wau.m3u

C – Career in future: –> IT consultant slave.

D – Dad’s name: –> Phil.

E – Easiest person/s to talk to: –> My cat. Maybe Noddy as well.

F – Favorite song/s at the moment: –> I don’t do favourites.

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: –> Either, both gelatinous.

H – Hometown: –> Sydney.

I – Instruments: –> Piano as a youngster, some cello, alto saxphone, a little bit of electronic sampling that turned out to be drivel at best.

K – Kids: –> Nope.

L – Longest car ride ever: –> Bus from Sydney to Melbourne via Canberra that was during the truckie strike a few years ago, causing the bus to go down an alternate, minor road. It added about 2 hours to the trip time, which was already unbearable.

M – Mum’s name: –> Gayle.

N – Number of siblings: 0.

O – There’s no O: –> RIDIN’ SPINNAZ.

P – Phobia[s]: –> Dogs, heights and anything classed as seafood – living or dead.

Q – Favourite Quote: –> “Don’t techno for an answer.” – TISM

R – Reason to smile: –> Everyone feels better.

S – Song you sang last: –> Don’t remember.

T – Time you wake up: –> 2pm at the moment. :/

U – Unknown fact about me: –> I’m not actually homosexual.

V – Vegetable you hate: –> Capsicum (except in small quantities), zucchini, sprouts, asparagus.

W – Worst habit: –> Preferring my own way.

X – X-rays you’ve had: –> Mouth, feet.

Y – Yummy food/s: –> Vegetarian stuff, Mexican, Italian, ice cream. The stuff everyone likes.

Z – Zodiac sign: –> Aquarius. Elite.

Hoorah. One more day til my final exam. Have to actually learn something first. :(

I just found out I’m not eligible to do the ISYS project I was planning to do with Pork next semester. I’m missing a prerequisite I forgot about, as I was intending to do the project next year anyway. Hopefully I can organise a meeting with the Dean of the science faculty and be allowed to continue it this year, as I intend to do the prereq next year anyway, and I got halfway through it last year before I deferred and got a discontinued fail for it (BY SIX FUCKING DAYS). :/

Where do you fall on the liberal – conservative political spectrum? (United States)

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