Time for a somewhat informative entry. Yes.

Two of three exams are now down. Had one on Wednesday and the second on Thursday. My final exam is this coming Thursday. It will probably suck plenty of hot erotic stuff as it includes various short answer and extended responses, along with apparently two essays!

Not that I dislike essays, it’s just that I haven’t written one in an exam since year 12. Yes, since 2000!!!

Speaking of school, some tight chick from my alma mater managed to get some bonar pics of herself with her jubblies hanging out and/or visible spread around the internet. I read in the newspaper that she got suspended. She’s going to have a lot of fans when she gets back to school.

It’s very cold in here and I’ve stayed up all night playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. It’s pretty good.

I re-installed The Sims 8-in-1 pack (and it took 2 hours to extract, again) but couldn’t bring myself to play it after that.

XCOM is still going alright as well, when I stomach up the courage and patience to play a turn-based strategy game. At least its old school goodness makes it juicy on the fun scale.

CoD will become interesting next week, as we’ve made it in to the UGS 6v6 final against anomaly, first prize being about $300, which isn’t too bad for a little independent invite comp.

Hopefully the GameArena season 2 will start up soon so we can get 6v6 gametype action underway! Hopefully my arms don’t freeze off first.

I really have to ring Chandler, I was going to yesterday but decided to sleep in then bum around at home watching the rugby with mum. Sucks to be England. ^_^

I fall in to point form pretty quickly, don’t I?

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    And hey, I think she’s got a lot of fans already :)

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