Ok here goes.

nose: redknob
elbow: rredkmin okb
chin: reerxdckjnooikilb
feet: fuck that
eyes closed and one finger: redknob
back of my hand: reedknob
palm: trew3rdfski,lnmoplb
mouse: redknopb
wrist: rtfwedfrekno9b

Yeah, real cool.

Hmm. CoD final Thursday, still underprepared. Much like my exams and my next assignment, along with the speech due on Friday that I didn’t do last week because I slept in. Hurrah.

Day two of the diet is over, sort of. Tomorrow I can eat fruit again, which is a plus. The jacket potato for dinner was bone tonight, though. I feel thinner already. I didn’t go for a walk tonight though, but I hopped around uni briefly. Doubt that counts. I walked a bit more than I had to yesterday and I’ll go for a walk on my break tomorrow, so I’ll be fine I’m sure.

Let’s see. What else. Hmm.

Not much. Few additional features on the dot site yet to be released publically, but it’ll be cool. Hurrah.