I can’t see. Damn assignments.

I think I’ll just have a few hours sleep (again). I slept a lot today so I should be able to cope tomorrow.

I MUST go to my Networks lecture in the morning. The final one of semester. I’ve been bludging it for the last month or so, same with my ISYS ones. Argh.

Kosmix is evil and wont post anything because he’s lame.

I managed to pick up the other two seasons of Futurama from JB Hi Fi… A combined four season total of approximately $130. Pure bonars. Made mum watch half of season one with me on Saturday night. :) She seemed to enjoy it. Woot.

Starting that kick-start diet again tomorrow! Well, today really. It’s been about a year since I last did it! :O Crap that’s gone quick. Hopefully I lose another 6 kilos or so. That’d own. Then I’ll be able to fit in to that dress I’ve been eyeing off.

Oh yeah, I’ll throw this in too.

Bedtime Bear
You are usually asleep on the job but that’s okay because your job is to make sure everyone gets enough sleep! You’re shy and sweet…when you are actually awake! Getting sleepy already?