I caught the virus dad has in his eye. Not sure how. My right eye is now half shut (although I can see out of it fine), weeping a bit of goo now and then, and generally looks red and puffy. Juicy.

Lou went down to Melbourne today to see SFK’s last show before they go overseas for a year or so… The SMSs she just sent me indicate she had a blast, and even hung out with Clint the drummer for a while when he was pissed. I’m sure she’ll write a livejournal post about 500 metres long about the experience. hehe.

Lou’s little bro, Andrew, has been getting in to CoD now that I’ve shared my CD-key with him. Little kent should just buy it. He’s doing pretty well for a noob, too! :O Funny hearing him on ventrilo… Hmm.

WineSoc dinner was good, Sheena talked me in to leaving after the dinner, so we took Lou with us in the taxi (as you do :/). I kind of wanted to stay out though, but I liked the idea of having someone to make the trip home with. In the end the taxi (City -> Gordon -> Pennant Hills -> Eastwood) cost $90… I paid $40. >< Damn it. Kind of shitty about how that turned out. Oh well. Stupid Sheena with her work meetings and being scared of Byrne and living near my place but taking a $35 detour for the privilege. Gah!

Work wasn't even too bad tonight, finished around 11:45… Uni was ok too, got two of my course texts. The NETS3007 one was out of stock. Great preparation on the Co-Op's part there. Even Pork turned up in my ISYS3015 lecture… Poor bastard. I wouldn't wish this course on anyone. :/ Oh well.