Got my PC back this arvo. Had a little trouble getting it going when WinXP decided to shit itself on the install… That cost me about 90-120 mins all up. Kent.

Still haven’t got the second drive or the extra 512MB RAM chucked in yet. I’ll do that after I get SP1 and a restore point done.


Who would have thought SATA could be such a pain?

Gotta sell winesoc tix tomorrow. That’ll be fun. At least Lou is coming to help me so I wont be lonely.

I hope we sell heaps more this next couple of days. Little Snail should be good.

75% of the 90 gig partition’s format done. Hmm. Damn you, big hard-drives!

I could have had both drives formatted, all my main applications loaded, my settings configured and god knows what else by now if I didn’t have to fuck around with those stupid drives. Argh.

Work wasn’t too bad tonight. Hurrah. Got out at about 11:45pm… Pretty sweet for a Monday. Emma sucks for going home at 7 though so I had no one to talk to. :'(

I wonder if Lou’s worked out how to get The Sims going yet. She said Andrew doesn’t have a DVD-R drive on his brand-spanking-new computer. If that’s true, he’s such a noob, considering all the extra pointless shit he has on there like extra interior lights and an LCD display on the front of the case. rrrrrrrrrol.

82%. Come on you kent! There’s no-one on IRC for me to talk to; I’m too sleepy to play anything; I haven’t got any e-mails worth replying to and no new ones have come in, and my eyes hurt. Bad games.

The ET ladder on GA has started again for its second season. In the CoD ladder, the dispute we had cost up challenging up again, so TEA have challenged us. Hopefully I can get a game on Sunday (because I like having something to look forward to on a Sunday night) but I can’t prac all this week. Hmm. Oh well. Knowing what our turnouts are like, I should be ok. Sifnt play me though, I’m a suspected hacker after all. That’s gotta count for something.