give redknob more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Yeah, hug me, bitch.

Spoke to Krystal again today for the first time in ages. Woot. Hoping she’s still online when MSN stops having maintenance. gg.

This hugs thing looks so gay… Still it is something to whinge about.

Went out for a wolf meet last night, only 3 others showed up. Still I had fun. Everyone else is just a soft cock.

I really need a scourer thingy for the dishes. So annoying. Bah.

Let’s see… It’s almost Christmas. Wow, I have no presents for anyone again. Fucking Christmas.

I need to buy presents and get my international driver’s license and maybe get some vaccinations before I go overseas and god knows what else. Who needs money, right?

ET is boring me, warez is boring me… It’s a huge gaming slump at the moment.

Hopefully I can get some shoutcasts in for GameStah to tide me over while I wait for something else to play that I’ll really get in to. Far Cry could be good, but my Spider-Sense tells me it will have shitty MP. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Yawn. I’m hungry.