Man, I’m bored again.

I know I’m bored because I’m actually updating.

…I know.

I’ve officially been hooked up with admin access to the GameStah network again. Good old Russkie re-added me. Hopefully I’ll be doing a few shoutcasts here and there soon, or at least some admin tweaking/assisting on the site. ^_^

Work is still boring.

Weather is too hot.

Webcams piss me off, if they’re upstreaming on your connection. ><

My torrent downloading program, Azureus, has been acting funny… It seems whenever I’m not sitting at the computer it loses all the downloads it has scheduled and the program has quit, yet I see no error messages when I return to the comptuer. Oddly enough, Ross is always home (as far as I know) when this occurs.

I don’t really mind all that much, it’s just that I’ve lost about 2-3 reasonably large files that were approximately 90% downloaded due to this, and I doubt Ross would know how to fuck them up that badly. Still, it shits me.

Going to Lou’s tomorrow night for a “bring your partner along BBQ” with her folks and her brother’s girlfriend… Go me.