Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Loulou! :)

We had a few people go over to the Greengate for a little get together as the real party was on last Saturday. Man is everything overpriced at that place! FARK.

$11.50 for a plate of nachos about the size of two fists placed side by side. I was so cut, especially when you could get a huge fucking bowl of wedges and a large salad for the same price. Bad games. :(

Even the drinks are overpriced. Stupid North Shore local pubs. Argh!

My shirt got accepted on to There! I hope it looks ok, I didn’t realise it was 400% bigger than the “official dimensions”, but it seems to have gotten through. Can’t log on to the game though at the moment so I’ll have to check it in the morning. Wooha.

Yawn. Enough.


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday!

  1. or smaller

    thanks for b’day wishes bubba xx

    and i wanna see you shirt
    i’m dl the program right at this second :D

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