Redknob's Emotional Counselling (and MMORPG abuse) Inc.

Yeah I’m just everybody’s favourite shoulder to cry on at the moment. I dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I assume it’s a good thing… Right?

Lou’s 21st birthday tomorrow! Wooohooo she’s going to be an old lady! Wooo!

Her party on Saturday night was pretty fun. Black & white theme while she wore red. Red is the best colour, I felt like I was missing out if I couldn’t wear it. :( heh

She had a swank dress though.

Hmm I really should start using my digital camera more. Methinks I shall!

Oh yeah at the party someone flogged Laura’s handbag, and made off with $30 and her shitty 18 month old bent phone… However they left the SIM card and her wallet and everything else in the bag and stashed it around the side of the house. THE GAME IS AFOOT!

Damn arsehole robbers.

I’m bludging the first few hours of work again, in my typical fashion. I really should stop going to bed so late so that I don’t mind getting up early to go to work, but meh, that’s no fun.

One day I’ll condition myself to be tough… Or maybe I’ll just change my work hours around some. Who knows. I don’t mind working that early, it’s just getting up that’s the hard part. Grr.

Tofu’s talked me in to playing Final Fantasy XI, another MMORPG. He’s also gotten me to spend ridiculous amounts of money on There. On top of that, he inspired me to download the buggy Diabloesque MMORPG Priston Tale.

*shakes fist*

I should probably stop talking to him, it’ll save me money, time and bandwidth… Argh.

Oh and I even tried out Puzzle Pirates. Cute but it seems overly annoying for someone like me. Stupid lame puzzles. :(

Lloydie has been staying over the last few days, Ross is back on Friday. Apparently he has the Hulk DVD for me direct from China… I wonder if it’s going to be a shonky rip or from a cinema or something. Hmm…

I really need to cut my nails… I should probably get another haircut soon too, along with having a shave… Then again where’s the fun in that?


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  1. sif MMORPG’s! Reality check: You drink pints.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOU FROM Cam + Kaz!!! Have fun you crazy kidz.

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