Grandpa died some time Monday morning (technically yesterday I guess)… He got up that morning and had breakfast but was feeling a little ill… Went to have a nap and must have had a little heart attack and just died in his sleep. Peacefully at least.

I got to see him… I’ve never seen a dead person in the flesh before, let alone touch them. Especially only a few hours after he died. Had to help dad move all his junk out of the nursing home. He’ll be cremated and scattered up at the lake in a few weeks.

Anyway. I’m ok, dad was sad as you’d expect but he’ll be ok.

You are Justice. To you, life is ultimately fair
and just. You are a strong believer in karma,
cause and effect. You proceed strongly with
your actions because you are correct and will
be rewarded. You are Justice, weigh matters
carefully and proceed.

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^ oh the joy.