AoS won our first ever ET match… First ever run as a team and everything so that was good… Shame the game and maps are silly… We won 1-0-2… 2 drawn round, yuck…

Watching cable TV at 2 in the morning is depressing… So depressing that I know I should go to bed but I just can’t be stuffed.

I have to remember to go to work at 4pm tomorrow instead of 5… Hmm.

Seeing Hulk this Saturday with Loulou instead of last week… Wasn’t on! Stupid people on the radio were talking about it after seeing a preview. >_< Ah well I still got to have dinner with mum and dad. :) I'll probably see it on Saturday and again on Sunday with my parents I think…

Well, I think it's almost time to go to bed. That song by Thicke When I Get You Alone is not only annoying but he stole the music from A+’s Enjoy Yourself, which undoubtedly stole the music from another song that I don’t know the name of. Damn these fuckers ripping everyone off.



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