WineSoc dinner tonight, exec only freebie. \o/

Have to get a roll on with this fucked up report. I have a feeling it’ll be made due next week, but I have to do something anyway just for the sake of it (yeah right).

Also have to get my part done for my INFS3020 subject. Good old teamwork. Ho hum.

ivLAN this weekend! \o/ Shame I can only stay a night, but I’ll have to take Vic back on Saturday anyway, along with going to Cirque de Soleil (?sp) that night with Lou. She had a reasonable birthday celebration I suppose (although she seems to have complained a smidgeon ;o). Considering it was just “another birthday”… The next landmark one wont be until she’s 30. hehe

I watched all of MTV’s Spider-Man cartoon that I bought on DVD. The animation is sexy in it, and I really enjoyed the series. I hope they make a second one but I have a bad feeling they wont. :(

My Twin Peaks VHS set also arrived, and the bastard that I got them off didn’t give me any feedback even after I emailed him saying I would give him a positive score. What a fucking cunt. Yes.

Still waiting for my Troma movie order to arrive, all 6 movies. That’ll be some high class viewing, I’m sure. They should be dropped off in dad’s post office box soon, I ordered them from Amazon over a week ago.

The movie I got dad to deliver to to forward on to us still hasn’t turned up. She said she sent it via ship but it’s been ages. Hope nothing got stuffed up. :( I still have to get dad to pay her back for the shipping as well, maybe that’s what she’s holding out for. ;) hehe

Hmm. I have to be on a train in about 64 minutes. Can’t wait for that one. Hope the dinner is good.

I finished CoD:UO the other day and finished an easy campaign of Rome: Total War… I’m still mucking around with that when I can spare 5 hours minimum of addiction time. :s I haven’t played Morrowind for a while, which kind of frustrates me, but I’m like that with RPGs. :s

Also scored Evil Genius and Deer Hunter 2005. Man I’m such a game slut. Evil Genius is cool but a bit tedious imho. Deer Hunter will get boring real fast but I had to try it just for posterity. You can hunt in Australia now! hehe

Rightio, then.


Yes I’m here. Hi.

Scored The Sims 2 and CoD:UO on Monday. Picked up a copy of The Sims for Lou as well for her birthday. :) They’re both alright. That was my first purchase on my credit card, as well! Yay.

Also managed to get a copy of NHL2005 and finally got my hands on Max Payne 2. NHL2005 is crap as I expected, however I can’t help but give the NHL games a whack after I loved NHL97 and 98 so much. ^_^

There’s lots of little easter eggs and in-jokes in Max Payne 2; I started reading all the threads on the 3DRealms forums for it. Apparently there’s a few references and similarities in the game to what happens in Twin Peaks. I always meant to check out that show (somehow) and now I’ve had my interest rekindled. I was thinking of buying a whole set on video from eBay but I’m not sure. I could “Buy It Now!” for AU$65 or wait 8 days to bid on it. I’m tempted to go for it, but I mean… VHS. :( I suppose I could get dad to convert them from VHS to DVD for me. Actually that’d be pretty cool! Maybe I’ll do that.

I’m still sipping on white russians. Tasty.

My paternal grandmother’s sister died at approximately 8:30pm tonight. She was the last “close” grand-relative I had. :S She’d been on a downward spiral for a few years now. Hopefully she went peacefully. Grant, my cousin who boarded and I in the UAE in February is one of her sons. He was due to come back to Australia in a couple of weeks but changed his flight to try and get home before his mum died. He wont arrive til Monday though. Poor guy.

Hmm… I think I’m gonna go make someone convince me to buy that Twin Peaks VHS set.