Quick gym update

Pretty pleased with myself so I thought I’d record it.

Started going to the gym in mid June. Body was pretty weak, and I’m kind of old now, but hey. Gym + rugby in mid thirties after not exercising “seriously” for about 16-17 years… why not?

I’ve been hitting it hard though, usually 3-4 times a week. Really enjoying the “noob gains” on linear progression and seeing the transformation.

Managed to hit 3 personal records today for the final session of the year. Wanted to hit the 1000lbs club (or 450kg) for combined totals on squat, dead lift and bench. Managed to get 1012lbs (460kg)! So that was cool.

150kg squat: Plan was to go for 140kg, but that felt really good. Pumped it to 145kg then 150kg and still felt good. Wanted to go for 160kg but decided to spare myself this time and stay on goal. Doing low bar squats are so much easier for me and my lack of flexibility.

200kg deadlift: Plan was to go for 210kg. First attempt my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Dropped to 200kg. Similar result. Dropped to 180kg and managed to hit that (was doing 175kg for 3 reps last week). Raised to 190kg, hit that. Raised back to 200kg. Hit that. Not sure if it was a warm up thing or just psychological. Probably both. Was glad to put 10kg on the squat goal because I dropped 10kg on the deadlift goal.

110kg bench: Plan was to go for 105kg. Went for 105kg and hit it first go. Felt ok. Decided to up to 110kg because it’s a nice number. Made that up without too much stress. Left arm is still a bit weaker. I feel I could probably pop out 115kg for one next time, maybe 120kg with a spotter. I wanted to finish on a high though so I just left it at 110kg.

My celebration was to get a chicken kebab with the lot and a beer.

More general update can come in the new year. Happy new year!


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