Winter winds bring a little change

Too fucking cold of late. Not impressed. Even if it’s sunny the wind ruins everything. Blustering.

In a cynical attempt to chase better weather, Marika and I have obtained tickets to fly to Estonia in September, returning in October. 4 weeks of paid leave. Yee-haw.

That paid leave will taste even sweeter now, as I’ve become the helpdesk team leader. Apparently it’s not a position worthy of the title “manager”. I think it has something to do with pay grades. Anyway, the role operates like a manager: I mainly do admin and all the real work is done by the team. I guess I’ve got a real knack for getting myself into situations like this. Look at the hostel.

So, no more little 2-seater car for me. I’m using dad’s at the moment as he is still unable to drive. He is, however, hopping around and building up the amount of weight he takes on his bad ankle. Each week he applies a little more pressure. It seems to be coming along rather well. He’s even lost a considerable amount weight which, aside from the obvious health benefit, makes it easier for him to move on his feet.

I don’t know what car I’ll end up getting. Marika wants a Volvo. I don’t really care as long as it isn’t stupid. Not stupid and easy to park. That’s the criteria, really.

I think I’m coming down with a cold. I’ve been feeling mildly achy and drowsy since Sunday morning… after being up until 3am the night before playing video games with Matt. I’m splitting the display onto our new TV (which looks sexy) so it’s easy to be a spectator. We’ve picked up a new fridge, too. eBay was too annoying. Thank you, Bing Lee delivery service!

So, yes, money has been flowing out faster than it’s been dripping in lately. Marika also picked up a new laptop recently, seeing as her old one was getting run down. Time to pay everything off and start trying to save again.

Hopefully our tax returns give us something to smile about. We still need to fill ours in. I expect the return should be fairly generous for the two of us. Generous enough to pay for our plane tickets. We’ll see. I’ve considered getting a tax accountant to do it for us but we don’t have any deductions except for private health care, but I think claiming that is a simple procedure. It probably won’t be, knowing my luck.

Marika’s birthday is coming up. I still need to go shopping! It’s hard to work out what to buy for the girl who has everything. Ha. Socks and underwear? No. Perhaps rum? No. I’ll have to walk around and hope for some inspiration.

I feel like I’m about to fall asleep sitting down. At least that might numb the dull RSI that I’m sensing coming up my forearms.



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