I get writer’s block just thinking of these titles

Prolonged journal-writing absences are my forte. If only I could be as consistent with other things in life.

I haven’t skipped for a while. I have been attempting to do some semi-regular weekly weights training but recently I haven’t been able to motivate myself to get out of bed and actually exercise. I still hate mornings. I do make the effort on weekends, when I feel I have more time.

Now that I’m back into the full-swing of the regular working week I’ve begun living for and looking forward to the weekend again. As always, it’s never enough time. What little of it I’ve had has been filled with either running around to things like family reunions or being housed in to avoid the horrible weather. I know it’s fascinating discussing the weather, but it has been rather insolent.

Work’s been ok. I’m pretty settled into my job now. So much so that I’m looking to learn a bit more in other areas. I sat an exam for an HP certification earlier this week and managed to grind out a pass. It wasn’t until after I’d received my results back that I discovered I’d been reading the wrong preparation material. That’s why all the reading I’d done for the previous week seemed so irrelevant in the exam. Anyway, I passed and that’s all that matters. I now make an extra $9 per week. Cop that.

The plan, now, is to do more and more of them. Not only do I get a payrise for it but it makes me feel smarter and more important. It’s also a good backup in case I don’t get past the future rounds of my other, unrelated application. I discovered I passed the first testing stage long after I’d already given up on it, assuming I’d flunked out. I’d already gone through the emotions of anger and disappointment, finally coming around to accepting my fate as a failure only to find out everything was ok and that I would have to wait another few months for the second stage. This is going to be interesting.

I would like to write more but my backside is losing blood and I need to stand up. Stay tuned.


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