This is the story.

I’ve had about 10 days to myself. I’ve not done a lot – mainly playing games, poker and atrophying. It’s been a cheap week.

My mum sent a care package so I have more sugary and chocolately goodness to engorge myself with. I’ve been too tight to go to the shops for the last few days so licorice and tim tams have been my main diet. Healthy, indeed.

Today I had a nice variational poker day. Again, I managed to perform the 0.93% feat of failing to flop a set with 35 pocket pairs. I really do hope my calculations make sense there. I’m sure they do. :S

Regardless, I feel I’m getting a lot better with all the grinding I’ve been doing. I’ve tried to play a bit more courageously in order to kill off being weak/tight. When I do it correctly it seems to play out quite well. Unfortunately I still misread a few situations but usually the mistake isn’t too costly. I’ve been consistently grinding out a positive bankroll, albeit a bit slowly for what I would like.

Soon I’m moving to Tartu. Not long after that I have to come back to Tallinn to catch up with my school friends. School friends who are now married. Daw. They have been for a long time, actually, which is nice. I remember their wedding. I don’t remember what year it was but it was a nice day. Goody.

Tim is back from the motherland some time today, via Riga. I wonder how he’s feeling. Probably fat and happy. For once.

P.S. I ate so much pumpkin soup I got really sick and don’t want to touch it again for a long time.


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