Flux me

That food tasted just as salty for breakfast. Never mind.

I just realised that I almost cut my toe off after accidentally kicking a wall in the hostel last night. I think I was pirouetting after putting away some empty bottles when wham, a big chunk came out of my middle left toe. In socks. Actually, it might just be sock fluff compacted into the wound as I haven’t had the drive to lift my foot closer to my face for an inspection. Not yet at least.

Today I am making adzika and tomorrow Marika is 22. Not long after that I will be at the folk festival. Again. I don’t even know who is playing but I’m sure it won’t matter as I find most of the music kind of boring anyway.

Hans, I want to go to the gym today but I feel too lazy and sleepy. My spare tyre will never leave me, will it?

This program is cool: Flux. It adjusts the brightness of your screen according to the time of day based on your location. Basically it will stop it from burning your eyes at night time.