Sheepish update

It seems that almost every other blog I read has updated today. I thought that I should, too.

I’m about to be very poor as I’m going to be paying rent and bills from now on! It’s time to rob a bank.

That also means my Tartu time is winding down. This weekend I will be dragging all the clothes (all the clothes I didn’t actually need to bring) back to Tallinn and dumping them somewhere else. I really should have a clean out.

This has been a rather lazy escapade in the “city of good thoughts”. This apartment has about 4 supermarkets within 4 minutes walk from the front door but it’s a fair way out from the centre. Well, about 25 minutes walk. In Sydney that would be nothing, but I’m spoiled from inner-city and old town life now. What that means is that I’ve spent most of the last month being utterly unproductive, just sitting in the bedroom with my laptop. Guilt has seeped in but it will be short lived. As always.

My rationalisation for this behaviour is due to my new lifestyle-budgeting scheme. Attempting to budget, I should say. I’ve certainly cut back on expenses here compared to my previous habits but unfortunately not quite as much as I imagined. Then again, there’s still one more week to improve!

I do feel like half of my body has atrophied. Never mind. It’ll come back. I just hope I find a lot of money by accident, somewhere.