Bored with the vidya

Well, I’m not completely bored with video games. I’m just bored with all the ones that seem to exist at the moment.

I admit, I play a lot of games and I usually don’t finish them. The reasoning for that is due to different factors: getting bored once I work out the game mechanics, the pacing is too slow or boring, the game isn’t very well made or balanced, I can’t play it online effectively or I can’t concentrate on it properly because of all the distractions in the hostel.

I can’t remember if I ever wrote about my “3 day test” in regards to games. Basically, I believe something must be decent if I’m still playing it 3 days later.

Now, with all the distractions that I mentioned tend to interrupt my gaming experience, it probably sounds ludicrous to want to attempt an intensive, permanent PvP MMORPG such as Darkfall, but it sounds hardcore enough and varied enough that I would actually enjoy it. I hope.

I’ve attempted WoW out of boredom, even though I knew it wasn’t for me when I played the closed beta before it was released.  A few years later, when I purchased the full game, I found it was only mildly entertaining due to some friends playing it with me so we could talk about stupid occurrences we had played a part in.

So, back to paying for games and paying to play… Well, I suppose I can always cancel, like I did for FFXI, WoW, and Everquest.

Actually, now that I mention it, Everquest was probably the one I enjoyed the most of all of them, due to it being an real unforgiving bastard. Hopefully Darkfall is the same but not as crack-like.

In other news, I slept on the floor under the dryer last night, due to a big group of drunk Finnish students taking all the beds and staying up all night.

In other other news, I am scared to go to the gym today due to my legs hurting. I’m a pussy, I know.


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