Summer days, drifting away

Yep. Nothing but cold wind and rain now. Bugger.

Well, at least I’m not sweating any more.

I’ve spent the last few weeks drinking on and off. Listening to Jason and his interesting stories. Apparently he’s coming back in February. He reminds me a bit of Luke. Sort of. Maybe that’s insulting to both of them? Ha.

We also built a funny little bar. I run it. And fund it. I’m sure people are sick of me charging them for drinks, but fuck it, Rimi is open until 10. :)

The bar has become my own little cave. It’s quite cool, since we made it out of a bunk bed. I just fold a mattress out to sleep underneath it. I like it. I even get a window above me to blow some nice fresh air in. Life is pretty good.

Still, winter will be fun. I think. I hope. At least then we will all get beds. Huzzah! I hope.

Hugo wants to open another building just outside old town. I can’t remember if I mentioned that before. It’s not a bad place but needs to be built up. We’ll see if it comes about, though. At least it’s near dirty burger if anyone gets hungry. Apparently there’s a 24hr shop near it too, but I’ve never actually been to it.

So, Suvi came to visit. I’m sure she wasn’t as impressed this summer as last year. I don’t think anyone was, actually. Too much work and no fucking beds. Yeah.

The other day some muso cunt tried to force his way into the hostel with some friends so they could come up and play some “live music”. I said no thanks I’m not interested. We then started arguing about why they shouldn’t come in and why I wasn’t interested in some “alternative” culture. Considering how every single “trendy” musician seems the fucking same to me, I wasn’t impressed. I told him I’m alternative enough, thanks. He told me that if that’s my attitude, I’m definitely not. Wanker. It was good to piss him off, though.

Gym’s coming along nicely. I have to pay Tim back some cash, he bought some mint-chocolate flavoured protein powder, or whey powder or something. It tastes fucking good. I could mix it on my cornflakes.

Soon I will shave off my beard again and only leave a moustache. Soon.

Speaking of soon. Dexter!


3 thoughts on “Summer days, drifting away

  1. Is that two lines all about Suvi? I need more details, did she do anything naughty during the week? Moustache is only for sleazy people so go ahead

  2. Yes! Dexter! I can’t wait either

    And why weren’t you interested in this “muso cunt”? Do you have something against art? I know! You’re just jealous! You want to be in the middle of attention yourself. Too bad you’re not an awesome alternative musician.
    Why the hell did he want to do that anyway? To stay in the hostel for free or just to perform?

  3. Pfft.

    @ ellio
    – Yes, she sold heroin to some school kids.

    @ Eagle 8
    – You watch Dexter? Fuck, you’re about 10 times more fun that I thought. He wanted to come in and just play because he is a muso cunt. Thought he had something to offer, apparently. It was much more entertaining making him angry.

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