I’m in a better mood now. I got drunk the other night and bitched about things for a while, now I’m over it.

Tonight I’m eating licorice. Teo came here for summer, too. I even cooked some fatty bachelor chow for him for dinner. He awarded me a thumbs up then ate some cookies that I bought. Good lad.

I gave myself another hack of a hair cut last night. Much better. It actually manages to stay out of my face again. I don’t think I could actually cut it all off these days, I like looking shabby. Maybe I could get it thinned, or something. I have a lot of fucking hair. I’m grateful that a reasonable amount seems to fall out, because if it didn’t then I’d probably have difficulty putting on shirts.

Everyone’s been watching the Euro football cup. I haven’t been paying too much attention but I have sen almost every game, except for the ones that I sleep through under coffee tables or with my head in Marika’s lap. I don’t know how I fit in either position but both were very comfortable.

Marika doesn’t think she has much in common with Alabama. Maybe it was just the fashion sense in which I saw the resemblance. Whatever. I have to watch some more movies, and read more books… As always.

Oh, and read more comics, too.

Happy Jannipäev!