Hairy times

I’m coping pretty well looking after this place on my own. The delicate balance of the bed sheets system got toppled over when some uninitiated took charge for a day and a half, but I’m restoring equilibrium.

Yesterday I went out on a splurge and bought myself a little mini headset, cheap webcam (which uses 300 MB of disk space to install its drivers, thanks to Logitech), PC/PS2 compatible game pad and a mouse pad. I’m pretty decked out now, in a real backpacker sense… :/

The light bulb in my bedroom has gone on the blink. It’s either the light bulb or the little clicker that lights it. This building used to be an office before they converted it into a hostel so it’s full of those big bright lightsaber type bulbs. When they’re all turned on it’s like sitting in a 7-11. Anyway, my one’s on the fritz which is ironic since it’d be really good lighting for this webcam. Instead I’ve had to turn on a crappy little lamp in one corner of the room. This is the result:

redknob long hair

So there we have it. That image looks a great deal better because I touched up all the lighting in Picasa. It’s such a handy program for that kind of crap.

I need to take a shower, I smell like a sweaty man that hasn’t showered in too long. A sweaty man with wild hair. I should get a job in the circus.


2 thoughts on “Hairy times

  1. lonnnngg hair.
    When i squint you look like a girl with a beard.


    (come to london…how much longer you over there again? i know i ask all the time. but once it’s cemented in my brain i’ll be able to plan a trip overrrr)

    (happy easter. do they have chocolate eggs over thar?)

  2. That’s a lot of brackets.

    Fuck London! Anywhere’s better than a place full of British bastards. Then again, Tallinn’s getting a plague of them lately…

    Basically I’m here until July, now. You were meant to come in February damn you.

    I don’t know if they do Easter properly here. I haven’t seen any decorations or eggs and shit like we do back home. It’s kind of nice in a way. Shops still take the Easter weekend off, though. Lazy bastards.

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