I’m in Incheon, bitches. Incheon International Airport to be precise.

$8 for a coffee. Rock on.

I’ll update my Travelpod when I get to France. Hopefully I’ll find a cheap net cafe to spend some time in and inform people.

My mobile hasn’t got any reception here, thanks m8 roaming. If it doesn’t pick up anything in France I’ll get another SIM or something.

Anyway, I’m alive so far.


5 thoughts on “Korea.

  1. Hey, not sure if you’ve heard but eri and lloyd are going through a bit of a rough patch…maybe email lloyd?

  2. In France, buy an Orange SIM. They’re the cheapest and 25€ lasts about a fortnight. That’s normal for Pay As you Go in France.

  3. Will you have a seperate travel diary/travelpod?
    If so send a link our way!

    and yeah, seconding Lou’s comment.

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