I just went to Canberra and back (4:30am to 2:30pm) to submit my working holiday visa application. It went through alright but I won’t get my passport back until either Friday or Monday. Too bad my flight is booked for Friday. The nice man from STA travel said he can get me a flight next Wednesday on Korean Air instead for only a few hundred bucks more (Tahiti Air is all booked out now). I’ll do that when I visit him in a minute and make it a return ticket. Then I’ll have the pleasure of trying to find more accommodation for the new dates from the 8th to the 13th, probably. It may even work out cheaper in the long run, I’ll see.

There was a strange burnt smell in the car on the way back. I hope my little red mumcar™ isn’t going to die on me…


23 thoughts on “Driving.

  1. hand brake on? ;)

    Annoying about getting passport back. ug.
    Oh well, at least you can get it etc.
    Why you making it a return ticket? I suppose you need one if the visa doesn’t go through. hm

  2. Nah. I checked for that, though.

    Flight’s booked for the 7th now. Wow. Accommodation is to be paid for. I hope I get some kind of refund for the other cancellation… :/ Fuckers.

    Making it a return because it makes people feel happy if they’re concerned I won’t piss off out of their country.

  3. Remember when I saw you in your little red mumcar™?

    Since then we have had such a close bond. I’ll miss that. Like the desert misses the rain.

    Farewell, mc red knobby.

  4. You didn’t reply the last time I said this but we should hang yo. I can send you my mobile number on email if this suits. Where are you staying in London, or you don’t know?

  5. Yeah, I remember. I wish you ran into me so I could have gotten your phone number.

    I’ll be back!

  6. I didn’t? Sorry. Yeah we should and we will, I’m sure.

    Haven’t worked out anything for London yet, that’s a few months away.

    You know my email, yeah? I use gmail. Wink wink.

  7. where exactly are you going again? and it always smells like its burning in my friends car lol apparently the gasket is dripping oil???

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