I just had to make that official. Boy is he a cutie. The little darling just wanted to hug and squeeze us all evening. He’s still curled up on the couch feeling sorry for himself. I’m playing music to be a prick.

He actually slammed through quite a lot of vodka shots. Probably 9 or 10 along with a little KB, butterscotch schnapps and goon. No vomit. Hurrah!

palmy’s going to give me some videos and photos he took, so you can all spread the news over the intarweb.

I’m planning on going off to get my backpack today. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the MLC centre and pick up a sexy travel adapter because I want it.

Strangely enough, I’ve started to use the to-do list on my mobile phone as a reminder of the other odds and ends I want to get through before I leave in … 15 days! :O Fuck.

This phone burns through fucking batteries. I bought a new one off eBay and it still dies after about 15 hours of moderate use. What the hell’s with that? Maybe I’ll be able to nab another one O/S or just before I leave. Lucky I have a spare battery, but Jesus.

I found out that palmy was planning a surprise going away party for me. Unfortunately I fucked it up by accident as he didn’t realise I had other plans for that day. That’s the risk of surprise parties, I guess. I probably won’t have a chance to see as many people now, but meh.

I have fuzzy hair growing from my head hair down the sides of my neck and it’s quite long and it shits me. I need to tidy up the back of my hair a bit. Fascinating, I know.

Last night we saw an X-box with a controller in a pawn shop for $150. If I gave a shit/wasn’t leaving I’d be tempted to buy it for that kind of price. Tempted.

My hair’s long. I look like a wild man. Maybe it’s the beard assisting. Bushy. Brr. I’m impersonating Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3 but without the vampire slaying. I still have the weapons.

I really should use a dictionary. God damn it.


14 thoughts on “Coughing.

  1. “Last night we saw an X-box with a controller in a pawn shop for $150. ” where? and any games? (they want to buy one for work – we havea chillout area and they want to put it there..)

    and yay for tofu :) hehe

  2. Ha, I knew tofu would crack eventually!

    The lure of the sweet, sweet elixir is far too great *takes a swig of passion pop*.

  3. The yellow one just up the road from my flat… I can’t remember the name of it. It’s on the corner opposite Lou Jacks.

    I don’t know if they had any games with it or not. We were just wandering past whilst pissed. >_>

  4. i wasnt pissed.

    maybe a tad pissed at the starburst “squirts” price tag of 3 bucks per 10 pieces of lolliess.


  5. Yeah I bought another big pack of them at Woolies last night. $3 for about 50 pieces this time. Much nicer.

    It’s still more of an ooze than a squirt. Fuckers.

  6. Hey big Ol – it’s “LANG”
    Weird but on impulse I typed Redknob into the search function.
    Bam, and ther you are. Dude if you’re not overseas or dead from liver poisoning some time soon I’d love to catch up somehow.


    PS – Make sure you’re back in time for an Anime Convention 30/9-1/10 at the town hall, I help run the thing so I can get you in for free, so you can buy more booze instead.

  7. Wow, that’s freaky.

    Then again, there’s a reason I’ve always kept the name. ;)

    The convention sounds cool but I doubt I’ll be back in town for it. Bummer. I leave on Friday!

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