Hi again.

I changed my userpics a bit, for fun.

Can you spot the difference between these?

I can’t. In fact, my current expression while I compare them is similar to this:

I guess if I ever change them again this post will look weird. Oh well. Screenshot it now if you think it’s a keeper.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention:

Tell me how great I am.
Tell me how crap I am.


7 thoughts on “Pics.

  1. You and me both, buddy. I can’t believe out of 520 gigs of shit on my hard drives I couldn’t find a third child picture (of myself).

  2. Those nopari and jopari things are weird (have you read His Dark Materials – jopari reference can be from there). I don’t want to say mean things about people to their face!
    The only thing I can think of not to like about you was when we were younger and you sent me that website of that couple who had killed her husband and cut up his body and were playing with it.
    Thanks for that one.

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