Scott’s out. Andrew’s in. Groovy.

I’m feeling really lazy with my LJ updates of late. That’s just a notification in case no one realised by themselves. I really should get back into posting every time something interesting happens (I know, it sounds funny that a bludger like me would have things occuring more than once a week). I guess it’s just been the Christmas/New Year/flatmate change/general party-hardiness distracting me.

I have to clean up. My parents are coming around soon with my cousins. Ahh!

By the way, inner-westers, the chicken Caesar salad at Taste on King Street is positively awesome.

Oh yeah, I’ll get the movies from New Year’s and the rest up soon! I promise! Really!


19 thoughts on “Next.

  1. I’ve been gone from you sexy Aussies too long. I come back to find sexy Scott has left; you’re one svelte motherf*cker now; and changes galore!
    I’ve missed all you dot freaks!

  2. Redknob is awfully sexy; I call Scott sexy mainly because of the wonderful alliteration it makes… plus, he has a remarkably deep, sexy voice. It’s the accent y’all have.
    I do indeed know where to find you. But, I’ve completely spaced on the time difference, and haven’t seen anyone moving on #dot when i’ve joined.
    Just gotta say to you, geekynat, that firefly was the best show ever!

  3. Wear a t-shirt with “Squirt” written on it.

    Actually, wear any t-shirt that I own. It’s an ice-breaker, with guys. Guaranteed!

  4. Really? I thought Scott had a high pitched squeal going on? Good to know.

    They don’t talk that’s why. They are all with the boring.

    Firefly is so the best show (next to Freaks and Geeks, The X-Files, Buffy, Six Feet Under and Northern Exposure of course) ;)

    Who is your favourite character? Mine is Jayne.

  5. Nope, Scott’s got a surprisngly deep voice for his itty-bitty-ness.
    My fav has got to be Mal. That one pose of him with his hands in his belt… yum. Oh, not as yummy as redknob, though, I swear he’s a sexy one!
    I’ve watched the DVDs so often, I swear I’ve got it all memorized!

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