22 thoughts on “Ding.

  1. All this dirty talk makes me feel like getting recreational. I’m going to play chess against myself. Again.

  2. Um, all of the above? It’s my birthday before it’s your birthday, ner!

    I’m not precisely sure why I even wrote Happy Birthday to begin with. Too much sugar, perhaps.

  3. 21 is old. *Shakes walking frame in air*

    If only I had been drunk like Lucille – then I’d have a legitimate excuse for my blathering. You’re drunk now, aren’t you? I can tell. It’s how you cope with the loss of tofu, isn’t it? So sad.

  4. Nah, I’m not drunk at the moment. At least, not from alcohol.

    I’m going to weep for weeks after my dear, sweet little vegetarian lover leaves me. It seems I can’t hold on to anyone lately.

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