I got a phone call this morning which woke me up (10am). It was in response to one of the job applications I’d put in (to a place called Mantech, naturally). Tomorrow I’m meant to be going in for some kind of interview/skills test. It should be interesting.

This predicament finally gave me a reason to bother walking up to uni to pick up my transcript, for the low-low price of $11. I was never really that aware of what my marks had been like over the years. Geez first and second year look average. Lots of Ps. Fortunately my marks rocketed up for third year. I found it amusing that the three subjects that I got discontinued fails for when I deferred have been my top marked subjects the second time around. Woot.

Just being outside (for once :p) also let me duck in to my new favourite tacky barber shop. After a few minutes and $12 expenditure I now sport another short and sleek head of hair. Now I just need to get my ears pinned back and I’ll be well on my way to presentability.

Some funny old woman joined me at my table for lunch in Jesters. I still get all gooey inside just eating there. I’m having a love affair with their chips. Anyway, this woman was one of those old, talkative types. I really didn’t feel there was much to talk about in regards to the economic success of a pie shop and could barely hear her anyway over the din inside the shop, so I just made a bored attempt at small talk until she shut up and let me continue reading the free music review magazine I’d swiped from the counter as I munched through my food.

“Small” looks funny. Don’t you think? Now that I think about it, “talk” does, too. Oh the wonder of English!


10 thoughts on “Interview?

  1. mantech…i’ve heard of it before somewhere..not a recruitment agency is it? (i think i’m getting mixed up with manpower)
    good luck anyhow :)

    i didn’t bother getting a transcript. i had kept all the ones they sent me over the years.

  2. Yeah they’re a recruitment company but the job I’m going for isn’t in recruiting. I think. They’re so ambiguous.

    Cheers. :>

  3. nah, usually they’re not, and if they are they’re all like ‘woooo recruiting!! be a people seller! blahblahblah here’s an oppurtunity you haven’t thought of! yaaay’

    ok, maybe not that phycho…but um. yeah. i’m bored at work. (obvious?)

  4. Thanks, man.

    It turned out to be the recruitment agency filtering me for some other company. I’ll flesh out the details in another entry.

    Hope your meeting went well, too!

  5. Yes, it is ideal. Unfortunately the job position wasn’t at Mantech. I hope I don’t get the job, now. I’m not interested in any other company.

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