Well, I finally wrote one. I think it looks pretty. Like a fairy.

So I applied for some job that someone found for me. It certainly sounds sexy. Who would have though that there’s a grad job going out there for $50k/year? Hopefully no one except me. It certainly sucks having to write a cover letter.

Oh yeah. I finished uni. Hurrah. Shame all I did afterwards was sit around playing WoW and feeling lonely. The baked beans I had for dinner didn’t really provide a whole lot of comfort, either.

Now that I don’t have any academic responsibilities I suppose I’m meant to feel like a free man. Yeah, whatever.

I think it’s time I got a haircut. I should visit that odd little man up the road and have him make me look stylish for only $12. Maybe later.

Fuck, I really don’t want to go to work tonight.


14 thoughts on “Resume.

  1. OMG. I think I saw you in a red car near Anzac Bridge when I was driving to Annandale.

    That sounded way more stalkerish than I had intended.

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