This is the journal of one of the members of the University of Sydney’s top information systems project team for 2005.

Sup Accenture say we’re elite to the tune of $1000.


19 thoughts on “WINMAEN.

  1. Ooh, so you haven’t got long then before it stops being loose!

    By the way:

    A rod or bar forming a step of a ladder.
    A crosspiece between the legs of a chair.
    The spoke in a wheel.
    Nautical. One of the spokes or handles on a ship’s wheel.
    A level or degree in a hierarchy: a middle manager awaiting a promotion to the next rung.
    v. tr.
    To twist, squeeze, or compress, especially so as to extract liquid. Often used with out.
    To extract (liquid) by twisting or compressing. Often used with out.
    To wrench or twist forcibly or painfully: wring the neck of a chicken.
    To clasp and twist or squeeze (one’s hands), as in distress.
    To clasp firmly and shake (another’s hand), as in congratulation.
    To cause distress to; affect with painful emotion: a tale that wrings the heart.
    To obtain or extract by applying force or pressure: wrung the truth out of the recalcitrant witness.
    That’ll be two dollars.

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