[13:36:44] <@dot|redknob> man
[13:37:01] <@dot|redknob> my life is going to be as frustrating as a fucking rpg now
[13:37:09] <@dot|redknob> an open ended rpg
[13:37:23] <@dot|loknlowd> emo
[13:37:25] <@dot|loknlowd> ;o
[13:37:26] <@dot|redknob> nah
[13:37:29] <@dot|redknob> scared :o
[13:37:36] <@dot|loknlowd> !!
[13:37:37] <@dot|redknob> we all know how i never get through open rpgs
[13:37:41] <%bubs> ./install u7
[13:37:44] <@dot|loknlowd> lol
[13:37:52] <@dot|redknob> and in the next few weeks i’m going to have total freedom to do what i want
[13:37:58] <@dot|redknob> no ties at all
[13:38:01] <@dot|redknob> no uni
[13:38:02] <@dot|redknob> no gf
[13:38:09] <@dot|redknob> free to leave the country
[13:38:12] <@dot|redknob> money to spend
[13:38:35] <@dot|redknob> i guess i’ll just go wandering
[13:38:40] <@dot|redknob> see where i end up
[13:38:49] <@dot|redknob> fortunately i don’t know how to pick locks
[13:38:52] <@dot|redknob> or i’d never get anywhere


7 thoughts on “Ding.

  1. Lord British.

    Oh if only Richard Garrett never sold out Origin to Electronic Arts then the Ultima series might still be good.

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