As some of you may be aware (hopefully), I let my facial hair grow. I don’t know if you’d really call it a beard since I trim it back with hair clippers on the zero setting each Saturday. By the end of the week it’s long-ish, so I guess you would call it a beard after all.

I often don’t bother using razors to shave, since I can just keep all the growth even and maintained easily enough with my weekly routine. Occasionally I’ll have to actually shave and shape my beard. Like all men, I hate shaving.

Two years ago I bought myself some quasi-fancy Gilette blade. I think it’s a Mach 3. That razor and the three included spare razors have lasted me until now. No, I don’t shave that often.

Deciding to be cheap (and not wanting to fork out $10-20 for more razor heads) I went with a small $5 pack of disposable Gilette razors. The quality differentiation is painfully obvious, as I found this morning. I completely forgot how bad disposable razors actually are.

I’ll be saving up some money then getting my new Mach 3 blades. I suppose $10 for 2 years worth of shaving isn’t so bad.


9 thoughts on “Shave.

  1. Yeah, there is a noticeable difference between the mach 3 and the cheaparse razors. Do you find having a beard itchy? Whenever I’ve tried it I’ve found it too itchy.

  2. They’re only itchy if you let them get too long. Mine never usually gets past a week’s worth of growth so it doesn’t cause any trouble.

    When I grew it longer I’d still at least shave my neck a bit. That’s where it tends to get irritating.

  3. Occasionally I’ll have to actually shave and shape my beard. Like all men, I hate shaving.

    I hate shaving too! But I’m not a man, that I know of unless I have inverted sexual organs that I haven’t yet discovered.

    Girls shave their legs and their pits and maybe some other places that I won’t mention and we too suffer the pain of disposable razors.

    I use a GilletteVenus blade now. It lasts ages like yours, doesn’t cut into your skin and it comes in pink. I think you would like. ;)

  4. It does. I was a wee bit nervous that it might be some kind of salmon pink. Ugh, it makes me sick just thinking of it.

  5. Yecch.

    I ate a salmon puff by accident once. Well, I chewed on it.

    I spat it out and suffered for days due to the lingering taste.

    Seafood is offensive.

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