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Another headline:

Biases revealed in US House of Representatives.

A mathematical study of the US House of Representatives reveals clear partisanship – including stacked committees – within the House.

While this may not surprise political analysts, the objective analysis contradicts the US Code, which outlines US laws and suggests a just system in which all legislation receives a fair hearing from politicians who put the country’s interests ahead of their political party’s. The words “non-partisan” and “unbiased” appear frequently in the code.

That ought to give you all something to whinge about for approximately one or two paragraphs.

Something more light-hearted:

Eggheads Invent Tele-Petting.

You walk into your office, where a hollow, chicken-shaped doll sits on a mechanical positioning table close to your computer.

The doll whirs to life as soon as you switch on the system, duplicating the motion of a real chicken in the backyard whose movements are being captured by a webcam.

The technology’s real potential is ushering in a tele-haptic future where human-to-human interaction is vastly enhanced.


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