I think the Thai restaurant below our units blew up, or something. There’s people from both the police and fire departments wandering around out the front, and our side of King street down from Enmore road has been blocked off. The power only just came back on a few minutes ago. Funky. It smells like smoke or something out the front of the place, too. One of the doors has broken glass as well. I wonder if something actually exploded. Hmm.

Since the power’s come back on, the security gate phone/intercom thing has been constantly ringing. It’s become white noise to me, though. Almost.

To top it off, tofu’s car alarm remote has run out of battery power so he can’t get in his car. He’s coming back to get the spare then wants me to drive him to Circular Quay to his car. I might make him get the train back since it’s like 10 mins away. What kind of noob drives to circular quay when it’s on the other side of the city instead of taking 5 train stops? Honestly.

He’s back now. I haven’t broken the bad news to him yet. He’s hyped up because he’s about to have some cornflakes that he got on special at IGA. I don’t want to ruin the moment.

I got two bags of 500g Allen’s Party Mix lollies for half price at IGA, myself. I’m also excited and sugary.

On Saturday I went to a fund-raising trivia night at St Pius X college. I think that was the school. Anyway, I went with some mates from the Winesoc exec. Chris is a trivia king, it’s true. I was impressed. Good fun.

Alright, time to take Scott to his little black car. I was too weak to say no. I’ve got nothing better to do, either.


6 thoughts on “Boom.

  1. The Thai restaurant at uni blew up once upon a time. Must be all that flaming wok action.

    I was at Circular Quay yesterday! Coincidence? I think not.

  2. “Flaming wok” reminds me of Alf Stewart from Home and Away. Dumdedum.

    :O! Were you staking out Scott’s potential new employer?

  3. Yup, if his potential new employer is the Sydney Theatre Company. How exciting! I’ve always wanted to know a thespian. Will he be giving out signed 3″ x 5″ photographs? Oh, I do hope so.

  4. Dear Felicity,

    To my greatest fan,

    Best of luck in life,


    Your favourite thespian,

    The one,

    The only,


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