Well, Lou left with Kirsty today. Yesterday, technically. I almost slept through it. I think I must have picked up my mobile (I use it for an alarm) and turned it off at 5am and then started hugging it all while I was asleep.

I woke up at 5:55, jumped up, brushed my teeth and ran off to my car to get to the airport by 6:30am. I made it right on time, even though I got a bit lost trying to work out where the car park was for the international terminal.

Inside, I spent about 2 hours with Lou and Kirsty and their parents as we wandered around the terminal. I even scored a free breakfast of cinnamon raisin toast. It wasn’t bad, to be honest. Lou bravely managed to hold back the tears when she had to leave us with Kirsty and go through customs, although I think the floodgates burst when she began to walk off. Poor bebe. :(

It should be all good, though. They’re spending a night in Japan after their ?9 hour flight. I’d be annoyed at only having half a night and a few hours in the morning in an (what I would think to be) interesting place like Japan. Still, they’re off to merry England for the first official stop, so that should be cool.

It still hasn’t sunk in that I probably wont be seeing her for about 4 and a half months. I’m sure it will soon enough. Hopefully I’ll keep myself distracted some other way on weekends. It’ll be a change after all these years. ;)

For this week, I’m going to a trivia night with Ali and Chris from Winesoc. It sounds like fun. Fucked if I know where it is, but it’s close to the North Shore so I should be able to find it easily enough.

Somehow I picked up a cold. I think I got it from Lou. Quite a few people seem to have caught something, so whoever the culprit was it probably doesn’t matter as I’d have caught it anyway. My immune system is probably just hanging on at the best of times due to the lack of sleep I tend to get. A bad diet like mine probably doesn’t help, either. I did eat two mandarins and an apple for dinner tonight, though, to con my body in to thinking it was eating well. I backed it up with a muffin and some chocolate. Nothing like headfucking your own digestive system.


7 thoughts on “Sniff.

  1. How rude! Just before she goes, she gives you a little “going-away gift” in the form of a cold!

    It’s surprising how easily the body can be fooled. It’s only when it realises 4 hours later that it hasn’t actually had anything consequential that you have to go through the whole ordeal again…

  2. Yeah. Rather inconsiderate I thought! hehe

    True. I think I’m suffering this morning because of it all as well, unfortunately. Blargh.

    Now, time for assignments! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Your digestive system actually has its own neural centre called a ‘gut brain’…hmm yeah…interesting, well not really!

    Hope you feel better.

  4. I’ll keep you company on the weekends.. by watching you play single player pc games, I guess :|

  5. hey baby, had a bit of extra time left on the comp, so thoght i’d look here.
    Yeah, floodgates certainly opened when i walked away :/
    special present :)

    love ya.
    yay for fruities, i’m probably not having enough at the momento, cheap food is unhealthy food.

    how was trivia??
    waffles tomorrow :D

    yay 4 half months is the suck :(
    and if ou go away at the end of the year = more sucks, hehe. but we will survive, heyhey!

    kirsty just wrote the lonngest email to everyone, and then lost it all. damns.

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