Me about to snap some raps, yo.

That’s the copy of Evil Genius that I won at ivLAN a few weeks ago, after ripping it up in the Counter-Strike: Source competition. My TMP spelt death for all those in front of me. Honest.

I was asleep two minutes before that photo was taken. I was asleep again two minutes later.

The floor was hard, and cold. Like a corpse, really. Just a little furrier and with more food spilt on it.


4 thoughts on “Hotness.

  1. Is that you winning the title of Miss ivLAN 2005?

    P.S. Will the ivLAN disappear under VSU? It’s funded by the Union in some way, isn’t it? This is upsetting.

  2. Maybe. >_>

    I don’t know, I don’t organise any of it. I suppose it’ll be a bit harder for the execs to book the venue/require increased admission prices.

    We’ll see.

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