I owned a guy at the 3H’s hotel last night.

I gently bumped in to some late 30s guy’s shoulder with the back of my leg when I slid between two chairs in the outdoor dining area.

He turned around and said in a surly tone, “you right, mate?”

I was a bit put off, since it was just one of those general brushes that no one really pays any attention to. I inquired, “sorry?”

“You hit me with your arse,” he responded, trying to sound tough in front of his girlfriend/wife, his mate and his mate’s girlfriend/wife.

Now, I was already put off by his tone, given the circumstance. Usually I’d get even more put off if someone started being a little menacing like this guy was. Somehow, though, I reflexively retorted by looking him in the eye and asking, “did you like it?”

The man’s face blushed nearly instantly until it was purple as he jerked his head back around to face his table. Mid-swing he only managed to blurt out an awkward “…NO!”

He didn’t trouble me for the rest of the night.

It still feels good.


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