Finally pulled all the pics off my shitty old camera’s memory card. See the cut. There’s an awesome one of my cat, if that helps you decide to bother looking.

Just changed my shifts around at work, so that I get the penalty rates counting over my whole shift. 17% pay increase baby. \o/

Well, that’s how it’s meant to work.

Tried out iTunes because I was prepared to pay to download Gary Numan’s Pleasure Principle album. Turns out that’s practically the only Gary Numan album that they don’t have. Soulseek is way too slow unless you want mainstream popular shit, so it looks like I’m up shit/Amazon/record store creek.

Some of those other legal MP3 download sites are dodgy. I especially love the ones that request your email first, then on the next page after you’ve submitted it your credit card number, etc. Gotta love having Hotmail for trying shit like that out. At least until the second step.

Still, they offered ~ US$0.25/song as opposed to iTunes’ US$0.99/song. Bigger library too. Meh.
Here’s my favourite:


That’s from home though, when I lived there. I miss him. :'(

Scott’s been asleep all night, until I did this:

He’s gonna get me back for that, I can feel it. Actually he looks a bit like Chris Taylor from The Chaser and triple j in that one.

Don’t you think?

Especially this one:

Here’s another unflattering one of me I think, with young Tomy. Hope his mum doesn’t see this or we’ll never be allowed to kidnap him again for an afternoon. Man my arms look like noodles now. :O I should start trying to pretend I do weights somewhat regularly again. Or something.



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