I was bored at work today (surprisingly), and it dawned (again) how quickly the last year has gone. Let’s have a quick run down from what I can remember:

  • This time last year I’d just moved back home from Ross’ flat and was gearing up for my trip to the Middle East with Lou.
  • was in preparation for the Enemy Territory finals on GameArena, which we ended up winning whilst I was overseas.
  • I was starting to get a little nervous about going back to uni after taking a year off, wondering if I’d be able to keep motivated to get through the year fully, even though it was part time.
  • I began playing CoD after I got back from the Middle East with dot, learning the game and helping the team develop in to a big competitor on the scene.
  • Around the same time I’d started to have more of an influence on dot’s direction and activities. We still had the pro attitude and aspired to get full sponsorship with the hope of getting to play overseas at some big CoD tourneys.

That’s a little bit. So much sort of happened but it all went so quickly. Maybe I’ll do some more when it comes back to me. :O


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  1. Hiya. Due to the fact my friends list is now at full capacity I am removing anyone who hasn’t added me back. This is not a personal action.

    Add me back or be culled like the other few hundred. >:]

    Take care,

  2. It’s just that I couldn’t find myself on your friends list when you first left me a message.

    I figured you might be a friend of someone else, but oh well.


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