Was good. The concert that is. Yay. I bought a t-shirt for $25. Not too bad a price. They even did two encores and stated that the Sydney show tonight was their final show in their world tour of 2004, which was nice. Unfortunately the t-shirt van coming in from Perth wrote itself off after it ran in to a kangaroo on the freeway or something, delaying the delivery of the KMFDM merch.

Anyway, I’m glad I went and thought it was fun.

CLGA was also fun. Especially without a PC. I don’t think I’ll even take a PC to a LAN again (or LARN if orphic  is hosting it). The social side always shines through with the people I hang around with anyway – no one bothers playing games except their competition rounds. Not bringing anything saves so much time, trouble, stress and money as it’s usually free or a lot cheaper to just be a spectator and not a competitor. Of course you can’t win any prizes that way, but meh.

Fuck I’m tired.


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