Yes welcome back to the internet. Or, Internet as it is meant to be officially.

We’re still without a working ADSL account at the flat (yes I moved out on the 20th). It’s been fun nonetheless, although my new work hours are long and early. :<

Not having the net is kind of annoying, mainly from an email point of view, but also from a time-killing point of view. The amount of bad TV and movies we’ve been watching says it all.

The housewarming was good. Went reasonably smoothly and everyone had a good time.

I’m still jealous and a bit bitter in an I-missed-out-on-the-fun (sub 18 years old style, the dingy way I used to [and I guess still do] get) about Benecke’s last Friday. Sounded pretty debauched, leading to a tamer Saturday night for my housewarming. Grr.

Silly, I know, but I can’t help it. Never could.

Anyway. Hopefully the net will be sorted out ASAP. I just emailed the BILLING TEAM at exetel. Sorry, eXeTeL. Yeah…


5:15am starts. Owned. :(


4 thoughts on “HI.

  1. oh, did i tell you that benecke aparantly tried to kiss kirsty when they were leaving??
    but yeah, she said he sort of moved in for a pash, but she turned her head and gave a cheek..hehe, so random.

  2. Al’s wasn’t that debauched! It was just those guys trying to dak each other and trying to coax all the girls into taking their tops off through rigged card games! Your housewarming was just as debauched (especially with the boom boom boom boom ai ai ai ai soundtrack).


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